“Rough Start” (Sideways #2 Comic Review)

Writers: Dan Didio & Justin Jordan

Artwork: Kenneth Rocafort

Colorist: Daniel Bown

Sideways #2

Teenaged, rookie superhero Sideways is off to a rough start. Otherworld beings, falls from the Gotham state building, and impromptu swimming; let’s check in on Sideways’ first day as an official superhero.

The Deets

When we last left our new hero, Sideways came face to face with a celestial being who we now know is named Tempus Fuginaut. Fuginaut seems to be some sort of space and time guardian, and the young and reckless Sideways in his crosshairs. Before we get a chance to learn more about this mysterious being, our young hero made a daring, and painful retreat.

Remember when I said the retreat was painful? Well, fast forward in the issue to a now hospitalized Derek James (Sideways). Luckily Derek had the help of his best friend Ernie to get him to the hospital. Helen James, Derek’s mother, rushes to his bedside. During her dialogue, she reveals more backstory to what happened to her and Derek during the Gotham incident.

The end of the issue shows us a new villain by the name of “Killspeed”. She is being admitted to the same hospital as Derek, when she is able to overpower police and hospital staff alike. Derek jumps into action clad in only a hospital gown, casted arm, and mask. This should go well.

My Take

I’m not super excited about this book so far. Granted, this is only issue #2. There’s a lot of character development I would like to see in order for the characters to be more appealing. For every storyline, the hero has to undergo maturity and growth, I get that, but typically there is some sort of relatable quality the character already possesses. Something the reader can initially identify with that hooks them, however, Derek doesn’t have anything like that for me. Hopefully, the writers have this in mind and will add more character depth over the next couple issues.

I really dig Kenneth Rocafort’s artwork. He brings a sense of detail and dimensionality to every panel. I also enjoyed his work on Killspeed. Her action panels were distinct and did a great job illustrating her newly introduced powers. I’m still on board with the comic. There’s just a lot of improvement I hope to see.


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Sideways squares up against Tempus Fuginaut! The fight leaves our hero in the hospital, where he is forced to face off against a new villain, Killspeed. Does Sideways have what it takes to be a great hero?
  • Artwork is solid
  • New villian
  • Characters seem flat so far, will stick with it though
  • Dialogue isn't great
Overall - 6.5
Story - 6
Art - 7.5

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