Welcome to the Digital World! (Suicide Squad #37 Review)

User Rating: 5.5

Suicide Squad #37: Drain the Swamp Finale

Writer: Rob Williams

Illustrator: Jose Luis

Cover: Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

What You Need To Know:

In the last issue of Suicide Squad, Waller blew up the mainframe to Belle Reve penitentiary with all of Task Force-X attached to it. You see Hack has come back from the dead and put the team on trial for her death, willing to sacrifice every last one of the team members to find out who was the killer. With a stunning cliff hanger at the end of the comic, it was indicated that every single one of the team members were eviscerated by the explosion of the computers.

What Just Happened:

After the incineration of the team, the one person who was trying to kill the team in the first place saves them in order to be the one to pull the plugs on their lives by the only means that she knows how: digitizing them and bringing the team into her domain—the digital world—but they’re on a time limit. In a last-ditch effort for Zalika to obtain justice, she begins to conduct her own trial of the team once more. Finally the culprit gives their self up and Hack takes care of things in her own special way. But as she starts to take matters into her own hands, everyone is thrust back into the real world only to have Hack turned into a digital being of electricity and facing a new foe that they haven’t ever seen before. Waller brings in the government’s new secret weapon that has been introduced several issues before and they catch the team off guard after they just came back from a digital abyss…making them an easy target for their new foe.

My Thoughts:

Pick up the issue. It’s a quick read and it’s fun to see a little bit more into the origin of who Hack truly is. And even though it wasn’t a deep issue like other forms of entertainment, sometimes you just read the story for the sake of getting another chapter in the story line.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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I didn't feel very invested in this chapter of Drain the Swamp. As the storylines conclusion, it was a fun read, I just didn't feel it as much as the previous issues leading up to this comic. It seems like every single issue the team dies, and then somehow is brought back to life and then dies and brought back to life.... over and over and over again. At this point it really feels tiresome.  I really wish the comic would start to focus on character development more. Bring more heart into the series, everything feels like its on the surface when they could delve deeper into the characters. 
  • Hacks has a pretty interesting Skill Set it just doesn't save the comic
  • Harley Hi-Jinks
  • Killer Croc is regaining his sanity
  • Storyline isn't deep enough
  • Not enough depth in the character development

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