Whose Fight Is This? Have an Apple While We Watch! (Justice League #41 Comic Review)

Justice Lost Part 3: Saigon


Writer: Christopher Priest

Art: Philippe Briones

Cover Art: David Yardin

Variant Cover: JG Jones

What You Need to Know:

The Green Lanterns of Earth; Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, are deep in space helping Martian Manhunter and it couldn’t come at a worse time. The Justice League and the Justice League of America were transported to the Watchtower which had just been hacked by one of The Fan’s followers. With the Watchtower completely dead, the teams must work together to save each other as the massive ship plummets straight to Earth!

In This Issue: “Lunch Break” Valhalla Vector, 0.83 AU Space Sector 2814. Simon and Jessica are done with their mission and are heading back to Earth to resume things with the Justice League. The whole time Simon is chewing Jessica’s ears off talking about Superman invitation to have lunch. Finally, tired of the subject, Jessica decided to change it and admits to kissing Batman.

“The Apple Tree” East Africa. Deathstroke is uninterested at the site but his “host” Ja Zaki can’t seem to stop looking at over his binoculars. Telling him to ignore it, Ja Zaki tells him about the “Apple Tree” Rule. Saying “Any low hanging fruit on my side of the fence belongs to me, as it is written—all men have inalienable rights.”

“Mad Maxine” East Africa. A mass group of people have come forward, led by Kamala who is offering her service to help Superman and the League with the now crashed Watchtower. Superman insists that they are fine and are just waiting for the Green Lanterns to return to help. But this is not the answer anyone wants to hear especially after all her men are disarmed thanks to the Flash. On the other side of the Watchtower, there is another mass gathering of people that Superman insists are just refugees and this is not their fight. Kamala insists that they are criminals and this is a war that was only put on halt because the League is here. But she will be waiting.  While Wonder Woman is giving apples to children, she notices a large craft in the distance coming toward them.

“Spunky” East St. Louis, MO. A figure stands alone in a dark room filled with Justice League and other super hero memorabilia everywhere. When the door opens to a man in a wheel chair and the lights are on, it’s revealed to be Aquaman. The fan is more than happy to talk to him and says that the League saved his life when he was kid. Meanwhile Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg head towards the ship assuming it’s Lexcorp but finds it’s Ja Zaki…Otherwise known as The Red Lion!

“Three Rings” Washington, D.C. The news is showing the action down in Africa about Ja Zaki and his very clear feelings about the League as he goes in to fight Cyborg. Claiming he owns the land and thus owns the League’s technology and they go into full defense mode. While Cyborg tries to fight Red Lion, Flash, Wonder Woman and Superman begin to argue about what they should do with the refugees, the incoming official government troops, and Red Lion.

“The Problem” Metropolis. At Lexcorp, The Fan, in a now very elaborate costume, is combining all the characteristics of the major super heroes but a small Bat-o-rang zips by his head and catches his attention. Batman and the Fan has a full-blown fight with the Fan saying, “he only wanted to help”, but is defeated relatively easily by Batman. But now that he is defeated, Batman must now decide his fate.

Back in Africa, Wonder Woman and Superman continue arguing about what to do until someone fires at Superman. The bullets don’t hurt him and instead ricochet off and hit Wonder Woman. Unable to save her, Cyborg is caught off guard and dragged away by Red Lion.

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Joanna Robinson

Joanna Robinson

I’m 34 years old, attending school for Graphic Arts and Illustration. I started reading comics in the 90’s and have continued on till now adding Manga to the mix. I sing and work at Indy Wrestling shows, love going to Con’s and Cosplaying. Big movie buff and toy collector. Moose.
Another issue with so much going on its hard to keep things straight. A lot of referring back to previous issues so if you missed one you might be lost even in its subtlety. Let me start by saying that if you aren’t reading Deathstroke, which Priest had a run with, you are going to have no idea who Red Lion is. He is basically a friend-emy of Slade's created by Priest, so it makes sense to see him here with Slade in the beginning. And yes, his outfit looks EXACTLY like Marvel’s Black Panther but with the red color and it’s in Africa almost like Wakanda. But Ja Zaki is no King you would want ruling. The struggle with the League characters while becoming tedious is also slightly interesting when new struggles arise just because you would have thought that by now, their character development would have kicked in more and they could figure out solutions a bit quicker. I did get a chuckle seeing Diesel’s room made me laugh because, let’s face it. We all had or still HAVE a room like his. I’m definitely interested to see the outcome of Wonder Woman being shot in the next issue since that came out of left field.
Artwork - 8
Storyline - 7
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 8
Character Development - 6
Variant Cover Art - 8
Written by
I’m 34 years old, attending school for Graphic Arts and Illustration. I started reading comics in the 90’s and have continued on till now adding Manga to the mix. I sing and work at Indy Wrestling shows, love going to Con’s and Cosplaying. Big movie buff and toy collector. Moose.

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