2018 was supposed to be the year for the X-Men franchise. The year that the mutants took over the cinema and TV screen, with Deadpool 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The New Mutants, Legion season 2, and a Deadpool animated show. But news from Fox it has shown that the franchise is moving farther and farther away than they expected, maybe leaving a few fans worried about their future; only time will tell where the franchise will end. Deadpool 2 is till set to come out on May 18th, but for its counterparts, they may be having some trouble… or creative planning?

FXX, Donald Glover, and his brother Stephen Glover were closely working with FX and Marvel Productions on working together to release a Deadpool animated series. It was announced back in May 2017 that it was supposed to debut in 2018. But as of this week, both parties have parted ways. With FX stating it was because of “Creative Differences”. As this, all his happening Donald Glover has been very vocal about the whole “break up” on his twitter and things may not be what FX productions seemed to have said at first.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was original to be released on Nov. 2, 2018, but now has been pushed back to Feb. 14, 2019. For the New Mutants, it’s original date was to be April 13, 2018, but was then later pushed to Feb. 2019. NOW! It has been pushed back a second time and the movie will hopefully hit theaters August 2, 2019. With rumors that they have begun reshoots to add more of it’s planned horror element and another character. Who will it be?  We must wait for a while now to know who that character is

With the Fox/Disney merger going in full effect right around the corner, one must ask; is this merger the cause of all these delays? Is the Fox X-Men franchise at its last straw? Also whatever happened to the Gambit movie? On the bright side of the X-Men franchise, Hans Zimmer will be scoring X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Legion season 2 will be on FX April 3rd, also The Gifted has been renewed for a second season.

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