Labyrinth Coronation: Love It? Hate It? In the End, the Henson Company and BOOM Studios Probably Don’t Care

Jareth is BACK!

Labyrinth is BACK and it’s now a comic series. I’m not sure if I should be amused or not that this comic has essentially accomplished the same thing Hollywood did when they chose (at the absolute worst time possible) to announce that they were expanding on the Labyrinth franchise with a possible new movie.

One thing’s for sure, this series will only end in one of two ways: BOOM Studios and Henson Company are either creating continued life-long fans or future enemies by expanding on the cult classic. It’s a little too early to tell which side will win in this “war” just yet, in my opinion, but it certainly won’t be a boring ride to the finish line.

Either way, people are talking about Labyrinth again and that should be the key accomplishment to note out of this new comic title.

In the new comic run – now on issue 2 of 12 – writer Simon Spurrier (who also wrote the Power of the Dark Crystal comic line, another 12-issue run expanding on the Dark Crystal universe) has revealed that this series will explore the origin of the Goblin King, Jareth. What I find an uncomfortable surprise is this “telling” is being told from Jareth’s perspective, to Toby, during Sarah’s run for him (which takes place during the movie for those who haven’t watched it recently).

This will either end well or horrifically and damned if I am not sure which just yet.

The comics are peppered with classic moments from the movie while also bringing something new

I’ll fully admit, I am a hardcore Labyrinth fangirl. I love the life lessons in the movie, the fan community online and the fanfiction results that have generated such amazing stories from Henson’s initial idea. When I talked with other fans about this new comic title, there was a split in the audience. It’s a running fan theory, while never mentioned directly in the movie, that the Jareth character is a fae. However, the comic line obliterated that theory by revealing Jareth has a human origin.

The outcry over this was phenomenal to watch.

HOW DARE THEY DO THIS!? People were very upset and with good reason, I think. But – there was hope. Jareth’s origin story takes place in the well-established past of Venice Italy, telling readers immediately that he is clearly now something beyond human by the time the film occurs, as it was never established the year the film took place in but from all the 1980s references, its clear Jareth is now more than human or just has impeccable genetics to look like the androgynous god that is David Bowie some 200 years after his birth.

What shocked and impressed me was the level of emotional upheaval that Spurrier has accomplished in 2 short issues. We learn where Jareth gets his cold-hearted tendencies from after how his father essentially throws him away. We also learn where he gets his tenacity from when his mother promises to bring hell on earth to get him back. We also learn how much this still affects him as his past colors how he initially views Sarah as he gazes on her in his magic crystal scrying spells while talking to Toby.

Either way this ends up going down, satisfying the hearts of all fangirls out there or shattering their trust, I can faithfully say I think this is a worthy prequel from what I’ve read so far. This is a comic I honestly don’t know how things will turn out and that’s enticing. It makes me want to get the next issues  just to see what happens next. I want to see where this is going.

And that is the best gift they could have given us Labyrinth fans in the end, so thank you Spurrier.

It’s good to be back!

Final Rating so far in this fangirl’s eyes: 8.5/10

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