The Time Displaced X-men begin their Departure in EXTERMINATION!

For the past 6 years, the Marvel Universe timestream has been…well more imbalanced than usual. Where normally, characters like Cable and Bishop appearing for an adventure is apart of another Tuesday, we had Beast bring the original 5 X-men, including his younger self, to the present day in an effort to heal the wounds done by years of conflict. From the many deaths of Jean Grey to the many deaths and rebirths of Angel, to Cyclops losing his mind to the Phoenix force and becoming the new Magneto, the fab 5 had not looked grimmer. So Hank McCoy set off to repair the bonds by showing Cyclops how things used to be and then…well writer Brian Michael Bendis just never put these time travelers back.

As time past, so did these time travelers, from different changes like Jean not wanting to be obligated to be with Scott, to costume changes, adventures in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy and almost starting a war with the Shiar, Angel dating X-23 for a bit, to then…well that thing that tore the X-men fan base apart…you know the one…Anyway, these versions of the ones who started it all have exceeded their originals in growth in many ways, but that’s the problem. Their existence harmed the growth of their original counterparts.

With time continuing on, time stopped mattering. Why? Because Secret Wars happened. The ultimate gateway to sweep these time travelers off the board and basically reboot the universe, even possibly bring back Cyclops and Jean Grey, and Marvel comics…just left these 5. To stay and keep festering in the universe.  With All-New X-men relaunching with them as well as Kid Apocalypse and All-New Wolverine and losing Jean Grey as she joined Storm’s Extraordinary X-men. Continuing on as apart of the Mutant family through Inhumans Vs. X-men, where now, the 5 reassemble joined by Ultimate Wolverine’s son and a vampire storm from another universe, as X-Blue. Did we forget to send these guy’s home? Guess so because in the last issue of All-New X-men before it rebranded as X-men Blue, Young Beast basically said their timeline has so diverged from the current that there’s no way they are the originals anymore.



Well now, it’s time for these 5 to return to..wherever they are meant to go. Whether they’ll bring back original Scott and have all 5 merge with their counterparts, which would kind of undermine Phoenix Ressurection killing Scott, or they are sent back to their own timeline/universe. Stay tuned. Because at C2E2 week when Marvel reveals what will happen this August at their True Believer Panel in EXTERMINATION written by current Old Man Logan writer Ed Brisson, and art by Pepe Larraz. Check out this cover by Mark Brooks!


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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. Long time comic book, video game, and anime nerd.

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