“Red All Over” [The Amazing Spider-Man #798]

Writer: Dan Slott

Penciler: Stuart Immonen

Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger

Color Artist: Marte Garcia

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

The Amazing Spider-Man #798

Not only is Norman Osborn back, but he is hitting Peter Parker where it hurts! It’s part two of the “Going Down Swinging” arc and it’s shaping up to a pivotal point in Spidey-history.

The Deets

Peter Parker and his team of Daily Bugle super-nerds are working on a way of tracking down the Goblin King after his last heist (see the last issue).  Suddenly, the Green Goblin attacks the Daily Bugle with a huge explosion. Strangely, Parker’s spider-sense did not go off. Parker also remembers curing Norman Osborn, causing him to lose access to the Green Goblin’s power. While the Bugle’s staff flee the building (amusingly in high school fire drill fashion, it isn’t their first rodeo), Green Goblin demands Parker contact Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, J.J. Jameson, still bound in Osborn’s lair, feels horrible that he revealed the identity of Spider-Man to the Goblin. Luckily for J.J., Agent Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson) finds him tied there and J.J. exclaims that they have to get moving to warn the Goblin’s targets.

Back at the Bugle, Green Goblin reveals he is armed with a bomb (saw that coming). Just as the last Bugle employees get clear, it denotes. Spidey narrowly escapes the blast via web-cocoon. Green Goblin is impaled by rubble and with his dying words, Osborn reveals that he knows the Peter is Spider-Man. While Spider-Man is processing this, the Carnage symbiote activates, enveloping Osborn into the Red Goblin! Spidey is stunned! He is completely outmatched and overpowered against the combined strength of the Green Goblin and Carnage Symbiote. The last panels show a full surrender from Spider-Man but a resolute and determined Peter Parker!

My Take

Wow! I am loving this story. First of all, Green Goblin is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains and a symbiote boosted Goblin is obviously dangerous. Plus, the Red Goblin looks dope. Writer Dan Slott does a great job of bringing an unpredictable, truly scary Osborn back to the limelight.  Also, the panels give amazing scope to the story. There was a lot of action in this issue and we got to see art that translated it beautifully!



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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Great issue! Stoked for #799!
  • Red Goblin is revealed and looks awesome
  • Anti-Venom looks set for a team-up
  • A Harry Osborn and Liz Allen have a side story/Tie-in
  • A great cast of Spider-Man favorites
  • Nothing. I loved this issue
Overall - 8.5
Story - 9
Art - 8.5

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