Shoot The Pull List 4/11/18: Immortal Men, Exiles and More!

Whats going on good people of the internet? Shoot The Pull List is a program where we here at Shoot The Breeze Comics have tried multiple times to make a staple, and are permanently making one today. A weekly news segment where we give you the report on some of the upcoming titles from publishers releasing this Wednesday, so you know what to purchase at the comic shop and add to your pull list!

PLEASE NOTE: Not every title will be shown as we are choosing to highlight new #1’s as well as jumping on points, continuations of popular stories, or titles that deserve special highlight. There might even be specific quotes and choices from our writing staff! Also, these publishers are not displayed in any order.



First up on the New jumping on point/part one of a new storyline is Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42! It’s the Green Lanterns Vs the Dark Stars! You’ll be able to see the review of this issue from our newest contributor Marcus Freeman later this week!

The official description isDARKEST BEFORE DAWN’ part one! Hal Jordan is the paragon of a Green Lantern: Courageous and unrelenting. But even a hero can sometimes doubt the methods they’re known to use. And in those moments, something dark creeps in and it can create an evil the universe isn’t ready to face!




Next, we have THE BRAND NEW ONGOING SERIES Immortal Men #1! The next step in DC’s New Age of Heroes, Written by James Tynion IV with art by Jim Lee for the first few issues, a new team of adventurers led by the Immortal Man is looking to be a title for those interested in the supernatural should definitely look into. Look out for our review this week!

The Official Description is: THE END OF FOREVER’ part one! There is a secret history of the DC Universe of heroes who have protected humanity from the shadows since the dawn of time… and who can live forever. Enter the Immortal Men! The team, headed by the Immortal Man, has waged a secret war against the House of Conquest for countless years-but Conquest has dealt a devastating blow. When their base of operations, known as the Campus, is savagely attacked, the Immortal Men must seek out their last hope-an emerging metahuman known as Caden Park! Caden’s emerging powers may be able to ensure the Immortal Men’s survival-but will Conquest get to him first? 


The final one of note from the camp DC is Supergirl #20! Why? Well sadly, Supergirl, for the time being, is coming to an end. After a spectacular run from Steve Orlando, Kara Zor-El’s journey has been very well told and now we must say goodbye for now. Look out for a review from Managing Editor Christina Williams this week!

The Official Description is: Supergirl must fight both Mokkari and the out-of-dimension Viking Judge to save Director Bones from the fury of the Viking’s magical ax! Meanwhile, with Director Bones out of the picture, Cameron Chase and Lar-On must break into the D.E.O. to save Veritas before the clock counts down to zero and the psycho-redactor erases her memories forever!




Another extra thing we’ll do from time to time is recommend some Graphic Novels/Tradepaperbacks that are available this week at your local comic book shop! Here is our pick for DC!



First up is 80 Years of Superman! Not just a trade, but a history lesson! packed with milestone issues of the Last Son of Krypton to celebrate the upcoming Action Comics 1000! Definitely, Check it out!





EDITOR’S CHOICE:  First up is a personal pick on my pull list this week! The return of the Exiles in an all-new series! Blink is back and with the magical talus is forced to bring together a new team from across space and time to save the multiverse! I’m so excited! Look out for a review from contributor Reed Strong this week!

The Official Description is: DON’T BLINK – THE EXILES ARE BACK! Fan-favorite X-Man Blink once joined a team destined to save not just the world, but the entire Multiverse. And now, her teleporting talents are needed once again! When a mysterious threat begins eating away at the fabric of the Multiverse, the Unseen – the man once known as Nick Fury who now can only observe Earth from a lofty post on the moon – must recruit a champion to save it. But she can’t do it alone. Who will join Blink’s new team – and can they ever go home again? 



Next is a major milestone as well as an end to a current storyline. Captain America #700 look’s to continue Mark Waid’s run with a compelling story of Steve Rogers being refrozen and sent farther in the future!

The Official Description is:

Cap is finally ‘OUT OF TIME’!

  • Frozen in time, awakened in a decimated future and once again a man out of his era, there is only one way for Steve Rogers to restore order and rebuild civilization-and that’s to rule it as King Captain America! No dream, no hoax, no lie, this IS Cap and this IS happening, believe it or not!
  • PLUS: Mark Waid delivers an untold tale from Captain America’s past, featuring the classic artwork of Jack Kirby!



Aww, yea. A brand new #1 in the form of Domino! A brand new ongoing series with Marvel’s luckiest assassin written by the amazing Gail Simone! Look out for a review this week from us!

The Official Description is: BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE Part 1 
Impossible curves. Impossible shots. Impossible targets. Marvel’s #1 soldier of fortune is back in an explosive new ongoing series! The product of a failed super-soldier program, Neena Thurman always made her own luck as the sharpshooting mercenary known as Domino but what happens when her own powers betray her? The hunter becomes the hunted as every mercenary in the game smells blood in the water! Plus: A pair of beloved Marvel characters return! 


EDITOR’S CHOICE: Alright I’m sorry I need one more. Falcon #7 comes out this week and yes it has been basically canceled with issues 1-8 already announced for the trade in July and no further solicitations past May, but this series by Rodney Barnes has been an amazing continuation from Nick Spencer’s Captain America: Sam Wilson and it definitely deserves a pickup. Look out for my review later this week!

The Official Description is: As Brooklyn becomes vampire central, Deacon Frost continues his quest to destroy everything that Sam loves. Who’s up first? Misty? Patriot? Or perhaps someone even more dear to our hero? 




Another great JUMPING ON POINT this week is Champions #19! With new writer Jim Zub, the team heads out on a new adventure with new teammates!

The Official Description is: A WIDER WORLD Part 1

  • IRONHEART and THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP join the Champions at last! The team has grown but the mission stays the same – the Champions fight to make the world a better place for all!
  • Writer Jim Zub (AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) and artist Sean Izaakse (UNCANNY AVENGERS) reunite to push the Champions beyond their limits with any icy Antarctic adventure that will challenge everything they believe in!
  • Don’t miss this first chapter of a new era of Champions – and the birth of a brand new hero!



The last one from Marvel of note this week is the continuation of a great series from Tom Taylor! X-men Red #3 continues the story of the recently returned OG Jean Grey (#extermination I’m sorry I was never a fan of the time-displaced X-men) as she begins her new proactive mission to carry on Charles Xavier’s legacy!

Official Description reads: The Hate Machine Part 3

  • The battle rages in India and the newest X-Men member may be the key to the team’s survival.
  • GAMBIT is caught up the intensifying global frenzy of mutant hate.
  • Plus: Could one of JEAN GREY’s oldest friends turn foe?




If you were hesitant to pick up the mini-series Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan, it arrives in trade paperback this week! Be sure to look for it at your local comic book store or see if they can order it for you!






First up from Image this week is a BRAND NEW SERIES from writer Steve Orlando! Crude is a very interesting story of loss and revenge. You might even see a review this week from us!

The Official Description is: Killers once feared Piotr Petrovich. Now, they’ve sent his son home to him – in a body bag. Haunted by his failures, Piotr journeys across Russia to learn what type of man his son really was, while hunting the bastards who killed him. And once Piotr finds them, they will learn to fear him once more GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer STEVE ORLANDO (VIRGIL, Midnighter) and artist GARRY BROWN (BLACK ROAD) deliver an emotional, bone-shattering account of murder, masculinity, and mayhem.




Next up is the continuation of the all-new series from Jeff Lemire, Gideon Falls #2! With a supernatural mystery, it’s easy to assume with that with Lemire’s past and current work, this will be just as amazing. Check out a review of it from contributor Joanna Robinson this week!

The Official Description Reads: The brand-new supernatural mystery series by the acclaimed team of JEFF LEMIRE and ANDREA SORRENTINO (Old Man Logan, Green Arrow) continues. The mysteries of the ‘Black Barn’ heighten as the reclusive Norton begins to unravel new clues just as a murder spree breaks out in the town of Gideon Falls. But how is it all connected?! The puzzle pieces begin to fall.




And finally from Image this week we have the second issue of Robert Kirkman’s new series Oblivion Song! be sure to check out our review of the issue from contributor Marcus Freeman!

The Offical Description Reads: Nathan’s obsession with Oblivion has put a strain on every aspect of his life. His love for Heather is really put to the test now that he’s closer than he’s ever been to finding what he’s truly looking for.



One of two choices from IDW this week is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #81! A BRAND NEW JUMPING ON POINT! After a destructive invasion, New York’s only hope is the turtles! Be sure to check our Staff Writer Luis Cruz’s review this week!

Official Description is: “Kingdom of the Rats,” Part 1. New York City is in ruins after the Triceraton Invasion. Various groups jockey for control in the power vacuum. But there is one who doesn’t care about power, only chaos the Rat King! Will the TMNT be able to stop him from doing the unspeakable?




And our other choice from IDW is the second issue of the new relaunched Sonic The Hedgehog! Amy shows up as Sonic races to protect another town from Eggman’s antics! Be sure to check out the review this week from contributor Wolfy Howell!

The Official Description: Sonic’s new adventure continues, and when he comes across another town in need of saving, his old pal Amy arrives just in time to join the fight! The banter is fun, and the stakes are high, but things get really serious when Amy presents Sonic with a big request: rejoin the Resistance!





And our final publisher of the week! Valiant has two major releases of note. First up is Bloodshot Salvation #8. Written By Jeff Lemire, the adventures of the mercenary with a forgotten past as he tries to save his daughter!

Here’s the Official Description: Can Bloodshot rewrite ‘THE BOOK OF THE DEAD’ to save his daughter from the darkness? In the realm of the dead, three travelers now seek salvation. Bloodshot – a man remade as a weapon. Bloodhound – an innocent creature imbued with formidable power. And Baby Jessie – Bloodshot’s infant daughter, newly transformed in his own terrible image. Together, these three have all been damned by fate – an injustice they now seek to undo by striking a demonic pact to save Jessie’s life. But in the underworld known as the Deadside, there are few fair deals and even fewer promises fulfilled With his weapons laid down, can Bloodshot tip the scales of life and death to save the one precious light his existence has ever offered? Master storyteller Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) presents a haunting and powerful turning point in the life of Valiant’s machine-made soldier for the final chapter of the ‘THE BOOK OF THE DEAD’ – featuring fully painted artwork by Renato Guedes (X-O MANOWAR)!

Last up from Valiant we have Ninja-K #6! A brand new jumping- actually they explain it for me in the…

Official Description: ALL-NEW ARC! ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT! ‘THE COALITION’-PART ONE! A once-loyal agent has defected from the ranks of MI-6’s most elite espionage unit and Ninjak has been dispatched across the globe to prevent his secrets from plunging the world into chaos. But in the shadows of Mexico City, Colin King is about to discover something far more deadly The Ninja Programme’s own former sensei, the Jonin, has assembled a conspiratorial circle of seemingly immortal beings – the Dying One, Kostiy the Deathless, Linton March, and The United’s Ultimo – for a purpose so sinister that even Ninjak can’t risk engaging them alone. Enter Livewire, Punk Mambo, Dr. Mirage, and GIN-GR, Ninjak’s brand-new black ops team with a very specific set of skills and a license to kill the unkillable!


Alright, folks! Those are some of the amazing titles coming out from major publishers this week! If you think we missed something or have a personal pick for this week! Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! We’ll see you next week for Shoot The Pull List.

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