Facebook Hate Group Rear’s It’s Head Again

We’ll start by expressing that the viewpoint of ‘Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys. In no way expresses the viewpoint of Shoot The Breeze Comic Staff.

The Facebook hate group “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys” is at it again. They have amassed enough of a following to actually do some damage by means of negative scores with movies such as Star Wars the Last Jedi and the Black Panther. You can find a link to their Facebook page here. I have included and actual excerpt about something that was said on their Facebook page and how the author boasts that he is speaking for the average “White Male” and how they are being picked on so much.

His perception is skewed in that he communicates as though he is speaking for “straight, white males”, when he doesn’t believe that there are individuals that fit that category that feels the same way that he does. Those individuals who absolutely loves both Comics AND Star Wars may not share his viewpoint. What he’s saying is complete crap. He needs to join the amassed viewership who love the movies for what they are. A good time that is showing how there is a myriad of viewpoints, that expresses that multiple nationalities and both genders deserve to be represented. There is no need for the hatred to even exist. If you rewind years ago there was no such thing as GOOD comic movies, that successfully and accurately depicts the amazing abilities that comic book readers had been waiting their entire lives to see on the big screen. We can agree that not everyone needs to care about the comic franchise or the Star Wars Franchise. But that doesn’t mean an individual needs to shove their personal feelings down the throats of the general public. It seems there are too many individuals who get butt hurt about how they disagree with a notion and all the sudden they need to start a war over how they feel their viewpoint is better than another individuals. It boils down to pride, thinking or feeling like and individuals thoughts or ideas are better than the people around them. The problem with that, is that you lose viewpoint of the beauty in the world around us. If your focused so much on ugliness you will stop seeing the beauty that exists.

We should love the movies for what they are, a means for the many filmmakers, authors and countless artists to express themselves. This subject hits very close to my own heart as an art student. Forgive film makers for the inconsistencies or inaccuracies that you feel abound in this FICTIONAL world that has been created. Appreciate it for what it is. The ability to escape our own reality and appreciate it as a means to enjoy a world that before movies like Iron Man, X-Men, Batman, Superman and Incredible Hulk, never existed. Honestly, are they really hurting anyone with the movies they release? I say nay! If you feel like they are hurting you, the answer is simple. DON’T WATCH THEM! But allow others to appreciate them.

Love and let love, appreciate people for who and what they are and forgive them for what they’re not.

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