The Fight is On! (Suicide Squad #39 Comic Review)

Suicide Squad #39 Shock and Awe Part 2

Written by: Rob Williams

Art by: Neil Edwards

Colors by: Ulises Arreola

Letters by: Pat Brosseau

Cover by: Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson

Variant Cover by: Andrea Sorrentino

RECAP:  Last time The Wall took over DC and is mind controlling e’ryone -including the POTUS-saying he’ll kill them all unless the Suicide Squad shows up. Meanwhile, the Squad is about to be split up and isn’t very happy about it, so all’s well when they are brought together for one more fight.


IN THIS ISSUE: The Squad is joined by The Enchantress, which some people are uneasy about, namely Rick Flag, but all feelings are set aside as they head to the Pentagon. The Wall has hacked the Pentagon and is downloading highly classified information. The goal: Stop the wall without any casualties. However, as soon as they land and find The Wall, Enchantress blasts a bunch of people she feels threatened by causing The Wall to explain that he wanted them there because he’s got a grudge against Amanda Waller for keeping the Squad under wraps with the government, and for using them to hurt people in the name of protection. The files he’s downloading are the detailed files of Amanda Waller about the Squad, including how to kill them. The Wall pulls out a portal key that drags Enchantress AND June Moone back to where she came from. This, of course, makes Croc angry causing an outburst that leads to the whole team striking back. The Wall gets what he came for, however, and despite being badly hurt he flies off with information in hand.

THOUGHTS: This issue is a great follow up to last week’s intro. It has a lot of action and equally keeps you guessing and gives you little tidbits to satisfy some of your questions. The art is great, especially the action sequences when the Squad is fighting The Wall. The panels with Croc’s anguish towards the end are both poetic and beautifully sad. It’s a great issue worth picking up!


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