The Resistance (Sonic the Hedgehog #2 Comic Review)

Written by: Ian Flynn
Art by: Adam Bryce Thomas
Letters by: Corey Breen
Edited by: Joe Hughes & David Mariotte
Published byGreg Goldstein










Sonic the Hedgehog #2

Back to saving the day, Sonic returns this week with more action and mystery!

The first issue ended with Sonic chasing a giant crab robot near the edge of another city, trying to prevent it from causing anymore damage and chaos.  And issue two picks up exactly where one left us off.










Sonic runs into more trouble in the city he ended up in with the giant crab bot.  It seems word of his and Tails’s victory has traveled quickly to neighboring towns and this sparks a new hope for those fighting Eggman’s rogue robots.  This especially peeks the interest of Amy who comes to meet Sonic on his robot hunt.  After some intense fighting with the bots, Amy beckons for Sonic to rejoin the resistance and continue to help defeat the robots and save more cities.  But, Sonic has always been on the move and never seems to want to settle down to one thing.  So will he join the resistance? Or continue on his own way?
I definitely recommend you read to find out!

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