Did You Hear? The Flash is Back (Flash #45 Comic Review)

User Rating: 8

The Flash #45: The Perfect Storm Part Six

Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Christian Duce

Cover by: Barry Kitson and Hi-Fi

What You Need to Know:

With the threat of Grodd’s speed force storm behind them, Wally West has just one more thing left to do: reveal himself to Iris West as her beloved nephew.

What Just Happened:

Barry meets with Meenah at Iron Heights who informs him that she’s all done with being saved by him. While she was controlled by Grodd, many of her actions and feelings were indeed her own and Barry realizes that she was fully aware of her own path and that he should maybe be more focused on his. As Godspeed sits in his cell, a strange voice reaches out to him and tells him that if he really desires it, he can be a hero.

Barry meets late at night to tell Iris everything again, but this time, without leaving out a very important detail.The very important Wally West reunites with his aunt, who suddenly happens to remember exactly who he is, but this isn’t the only ignition that comes as a surprise. Without warning, Wally is hit with a flurry and as images flash and lightning flares, he remembers. He remembers everything.

My Thoughts:

Williamson is real;y good at writing antagonists. Sometimes they’re villains and sometimes they’re really, really dastardly villains. But his ability to take someone and still give them their humanity back when they fail has played Godspeed so well and it does the same thing with Meenah in this issue. And besides that, we’ve got one of the biggest plot-threads of Rebirth waiting for us as Wally gets to remind the second most important person in his life just who he is. And with not only her recognition but his sudden overload of memories, there’s something out there to tell us that things aren’t going to calm down any time soon.

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Flash War looms on the horizon of peace; while for now Barry and Wally remain on the same side, there's doom on the rise.
  • The Flash Family is a family, for better or worse.
  • Wally and Iris's reunion is a long, long time coming.
Art - 8
Story - 8

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