“Second Thoughts” (Sideways #4 Comic Review)

Writers: Dan Didio & Justin Jordan

Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

Colorist: Daniel Brown

Sideways #4

It looks like our hero, Sideways, is ready to jump back into the action! Of course, his best friend, Ernie, has some legitimate concern about this. But that can’t stop a camera-loving, attention hungry, hero!

The Deets

It has been a month since Sideways’ last appearance. Per the last issue, Sideways used his powers brashly severing a criminal’s arm (no further word on that by the way). A superpowered brawl has broken out and has gone viral in Metropolis. Our hero, itching for some internet attention, decides to intervene. A simple rift in, dash and grab. Easy right? Wrong.

In Metropolis, Sideways comes face to face with a new baddie by the name of “Replicant”. Replicant possesses the power to, you guessed it, REPLICATE other superpowers. The villain is currently battling “Hot Spot”, formerly of the “Teen Titans”. Due to some quick thinking, Sideways is able to snatch Hot Spot through a rift before he is killed. This allows the heroes a breather, but of course, it does not last. Replicant catches the heroes off-guard and, with a touch, is able to replicate Sideways powers. This doesn’t go well for Replicant. You’ll have to grab the issue to find out!

Meanwhile, Derek’s mother, Helen has been arranging an interview for Derek to work as an intern for “Dark Star Sciences”. It turns out that “Dark Star” has plans for Derek that his mother is not aware of!

My Take

I really enjoyed this issue. By the last panels, Derek really comes to grips with the cost of his actions and starts to reevaluate his role as a hero. This is great character development I’m eager to see. Derek seems impulsive and a tad narcissistic in the beginning issues of his story. I’m interested to see where the writers will take him next.

I also really liked the Hot Spot cameo! Great Titan connection for fans.  Perhaps Sideways will cross paths with the Teen Titans soon? Replicant was a great grunt to get to know, and his character resolve was entertaining.

As you all know, I’m a Rocafort fan! I love the art of this book. Let’s keep the panels coming.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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I'm warming up to Sideways. I'm eager to see where he lands next issue!
  • Hot Spot cameo
  • Cool baddie
  • Character development
  • Took a while for some character growth. (Maybe I'm impatient?)

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