A New Coat of Paint (Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 Comic Review)

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1-  “Self-Made Man” Part 1

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Valerio Schiti

Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano

A New Man

Fresh out of his comatose state after the events of Civil War II, Tony looks at life with a renewed vigor and big ideas for the future of his company. Will Tony’s brand new run by Slott start with a bang? Let’s suit up and find out!

The Beginnings of a Beautiful Partnership

Taking a look at the past, we are introduced to Andy Bhang as a young man facing off against a younger Stark in a robotics competition. In the present, Stark reunites with Bhang to add him to the roster at Stark Unlimited. When they arrive at Stark Unlimited, we are introduced to Bethany Cabe, the new head of security. Stark and Bhang explore the facilities together where we are introduced to the head of robotics, Jocasta. As Bhang begins to work on the robotics, an alert comes on to warn Tony of an emerging threat, a familiar face! After dealing with the threat, Tony introduces the new Stark employees to the world. What adventures will this team take on next? Find out in Part 2!

My Thoughts

Iron Man’s new series does indeed start with a bang! A new and interesting take on Tony introduces an RDJ-like Tony to the mainstream comics even more so than past runs. Most new team members of the Stark employ are familiar faces put into fitting roles within the company. The new head of security and Bhang are the newcomers. Jocasta is a stand out character with a nice sense of humor. The comedy beats surrounding this book are well done and occasionally land surprisingly well. Tony himself is as witty as ever. The conflict in this book is minimal but it fits because this serves as a reintroduction to Tony Stark. The real conflict will most likely be seen in future installments. The art in this book is simplistic and I think it works minus an occasional panel. Sometimes the characters can look like they’re lacking too much detail. The art is a little lacking in an otherwise grand reintroduction to the world of Tony Stark.







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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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This brand new introduction to the world of Tony Stark is off to a phenomenal start! Though this is just beginning, I can see the new Stark team introducing grand adventures to readers. Tony himself is back to a more likable state and the RDJ-like attitude appeals to old and new readers alike. I'm excited to see what this brand new run has in store for readers.
  • The characters are genuinely interesting that each have unique personalities. Jocasta is a stand out example
  • The main conflict is short and sweet which gives us a taste of Tony's new technology
  • Tony is a likable protagonist coming fresh off the conflict of Civil War II
  • The dialogue of the characters flows well making for interesting and natural conversation between characters
  • The brand new Stark team is an interesting premise which could make for new conflicts
  • The art can be a little too simplistic, sometimes lacking detail
Story - 9
Art - 7.5
Characters - 8.5
Writing - 9

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