Turtle in His Shell (Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 Comic Review)

Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 – “Self-Made Man” Part 2

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Valerio Schiti

Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano

Fear of the Can

Colonel Rhodes aka War Machine is back along with his best friend Tony Stark. Their lives seemingly back on track, Rhodes starts to show signs PTSD. Is this a byproduct of being resurrected or something else entirely?

Don’t Touch My Stuff

Learning about the everyday lives of the Stark Unlimited employ, we watch each of their daily routines with Jocasta walking to work, Rhodes waking up from a nightmare, Andy Bhang getting ready to music, and Bethany Cabe checking security. Rhodes and Tony discuss their resurrections with Rhodes firmly believing that their second chance is an excuse to be better. Tony believes the resurrection is a reason to take more chances. In the board meeting, we learn that Stark Tech is being stolen to make weapons. Tony and Rhodes suit up to stop the rival company from using his tech. In the battle, Rhodes has a panic attack and is forced to eject the War Machine suit. He opts for something bigger due to his fear of being cooped up in the armor. In the midst of their battle, Jocasta struggles with being accepted into a human based society. After the threat is dealt with, Tony has something important to share with Rhodes. The exact details of what he says will continue in Part 3!

My Thoughts

Our re-introduction to Rhodes shows a new side of him. Once a fairly steadfast character, his death has introduced a fear of dying inside the War Machine Armor. Uncertain of his ability to pilot the armor, he is required to find an alternative. It was a pleasant surprise to take a step back from Tony and focus on Rhodes for the second issue. Being able to build on his character and introduce his conflict is a solid way of continuing to build this new world in the Iron Man series. In this Issue, the comedy is toned down and a more serious look at the repercussions of resurrection is explored. In the arms deal, we also get a glimpse of the state of the military  with these massive weapons being purchased to kill anyone and everyone, even children! The satire is done well and I think it is a grim look at power gone too far. The art is in a simpler style but other than occasional detail problems, it’s solid work that fits well for this version of the world of Marvel. Both comics so far have made great strides to introduce a new threat while focusing on overarching ones. This issue continues this trend quite well. I’m fully invested in this new world of Iron Man and I hope other readers are too!



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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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The reintroduction of Rhodey is a phenomenal look at the state of a resurrected man and how his death affected him. Taking a deeper dive into a character's faults is what great conflicts are made from! The state of society is heavily referenced in Jocastas interactions and the military buying starks weapons. I'm sure these will be explored further in future issues. Find out what comes next in Part 3!
  • The characters are developing further as more conflicts are introduced
  • The main conflict is a well made look into the mind of someone resurrected and how their death affects them
  • Tony continues to be a likable protagonist but he takes a backseat to an interesting focus on Rhodey
  • The sides plots are interesting commentaries on the state of society
  • The art has improved
  • The art can be a bit simplistic at times
Story - 8.5
Art - 8
Characters - 9
Writing - 8.5

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