Alright Bendis Let’s Go (PEARL#1 Comic Review)






variant cover by ALEX MALEEV

model for pearl EXOTIK ALEK

tattoo designer DIEGO MARTIN

publisher ALISA BENDIS

Pearl #1 is a creator-owned comic being released by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS through DC. It is available now and is a step away from the superhero titles that he is also picking up for DC.

We are introduced to Pearl and a very unique tattoo that she is displaying. It is not just the tattoo that gets her noticed but it is also the recognition of the artist that created it. Rick is who she meets and he seems to know a bit about the artist’s work. A brief conversation reveals a mystery as to how Pearl ended up with the tattoo and also introduces us to Kim, Pearl’s friend with no filter. With a brief introduction of the characters, we a thrown into the action and the simple spider tattoo seems to be more of a reference to the web of violence we have just stepped into. There is no doubt that the tattoo motif means a lot more when we realize Pearl’s life his ties with the yakuza. Her recent actions bring her deep into the violence, and her recent friend seems to add more to be tangled in this web with.

I will say this first issue did what a first issue should do. It got me interested. Bendis has a way of doing that. The characters are introduced through conversation. The scene is set up well as the reader is given only a bit of information needed to move forward. There is a mysterious element in the storytelling. This has you asking the questions as you read “who, what, and why”. Not asking the question in a plot hole type of way but asking because you are truly wanting to get vested in this world. The art is what you have grown to expect if you follow any of  BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS other work. a realistic style of drawing with interesting panel breaks. There are a few confusing panels to follow but they don’t distract from the story or pacing.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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I am hooked. I wish the next issue was already out ( why can't we bing read new comics). The characters are laid out perfect and seem interesting enough to want to follow. The whole book has a slow reveal as to where things are going. This is a great starting place for anyone wanting to jump into a non-superhero title. I suggest grabbing issue one if it moves the way it starts there may be many mysteries and revelations to follow.
  • New characters
  • Great pacing for an issue #1
  • Eye catching art
  • A few confusing panels
  • couple instances of bad dialog

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