And All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Harley Quinn #49 Comic Review)

User Rating: 9.8

Harley Quinn #49: Clown for Hire Part 2


Art by: Alisson Borges
Cover by: Guillem March
Variant cover by: Frank Cho
Written by: Sam Humphries
WHAT JUST HAPPENED: Harley is trying desperately to earn some money to save her home! Tina is trying to fit in even though she feels like everyone looks at her like she’s a monster. Lord Death Man keeps evading Harley’s plots to kill him. What will happen next?


THIS WEEK: Harley straight up knocks Lord Death Man’s head off his body and it lands in a bowl of fruit. She calls in to claim her reward but when they ask for proof, she can’t find the head…or the body. Frustrated, Harley goes to the docks to commiserate with a hot dog. Meanwhile, Tina has decided that life with Granny Goodness might not have been so bad. At least there, people understood and accepted her. But in the midst of her wallow, someone calls for help. Tina reluctantly goes to see what is happening and is called on to help. She saves the day and is able to find value in being on Earth.


Harley gets another pep talk and also sees the scummy developer inching closer to her home and decides to give it another go. She is determined to kill Lord Death Man and save her home! She sets up a bounce house and then sends Lord Death Man an invite to a birthday party. His henchmen tell him he shouldn’t walk straight into her traps or she just might win, but he ignores them and goes in any way. Once inside he gets a gravy bath and then wild animals are released to attack him. A hand reaches out and he takes it only to realize it’s a fake hand attached to a plane being flown by none other than Harley Quinn. She has an elaborate plan to make sure he stays dead this time including a shark tank, a chainsaw, and an active volcano. Does she get the money? Yes. But Lord Death Man’s little secret at the end made this issue completely worth the read.

ABOUT THE ART: This issue was full of so much going on, but in a well balanced and wonderful way. I love the way Alisson Borges incorporates color and shading into the comic using bright and dark colors. It’s beautiful.


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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Watching Harley do something for other people was so great! Watching her try so hard to kill Lord Death Man was actually pretty comical. Given her history, it's easy to assume she's good at killing people, but in true Harley fashion, she doesn't do it conventionally. And the twist at the end just made me smile. I really loved this issue!
  • Harley being Harley
  • Tina found her place!
  • Too short

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