If You Can Wait and Not Be Tired of Waiting (Robots Vs. Princesses #2 Comic Review)

Robots Vs. Princesses #2








Cover: Nicolas Chapuis
Writer: Todd Matthy
Art: Nicolas Chapuis


WHAT JUST HAPPENED: The Princesses are preparing for a spring recital where they will all be displaying their talents. Zara didn’t want to be ordinary and thus went to the forest to find a dragon! What she finds instead is a robot, but since she’s never met a robot or a dragon she assumes Wheeler is a dragon and takes him home.

THIS ISSUE: The robots that Wheeler has left are about to start a war amongst themselves, but hearing that Wheeler went to the beyond, they all decide to go there too. Nothing can go wrong with this, can it? An especially during a recital?

Zara and Wheeler have been practicing his flying abilities and though they have literally ended with him crashing and burning, they are making progress. The concert begins and Zara isn’t there yet. The other princesses get up to sing, not noticing the army of Robots just beyond the audience. When Zara is announced, the queen looks around skeptically, but as they are about to give up hope, Zara comes flying in on Wheeler’s back singing about flying with dragons


The crowd goes wild, the queen faints and the princesses look annoyed. As the song ends, Wheeler demands to know why he hasn’t changed back to his usual self. Zara says it might not happen right away, which makes Wheeler anxious and angry. But before Wheeler can react, Tyrannis shows up with his army and orders them to attack. Wheeler tells Zara to run, but Tyrannis has her and is going to kill her.

Zara escapes, fortunately, and escapes with the other princesses on Wheeler’s back. He tells them to find Ultimus and the Centurions if they hope to save the kingdom. But can they make it back in time?

ABOUT THE ART: I noticed a change in the art this issue compared to the first issue, and I don’t know that I completely love it. It’s a bit flat and two dimensional, which I get that it’s a comic, but the images are a bit more fluid and not as defined. I wish they would stick to a single style instead of mixing it up in the second issue. Time will tell if they stick with it or mix it up again.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Overall, this comic has piqued my interest enough that I'll keep reading. I'm curious to see where the storyline goes as we've already had robots come to Harmonia and the princesses just went to find Ultimus and the Centurions. How long will this arc last? What other stories are they going to tell? We'll all have to keep reading to find out.
  • Wheeler can fly!
  • Zara isn't a typical princess
  • The other princesses
  • Tyrannis is a jerk

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