Friends or Foes (Border Town #2 Comic Review)

(Border Town #2 Comic Review)

Art and Cover by: Ramon Villalobos

Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain

Written by: Eric M. Esquivel


It’s been a month since we’ve introduced to the first issue of Border Town by Esquivel, and now the 2nd issue continues to make us more excited about how the story will keep us wondering.

In this issue, it dives right into the childhood story of Quinteh, the high school’s gentle giant. His mother tells him a story about his Kiowa ancestors and how he started to wear a mask everytime he goes to school. We also get more insights about the other dimension called “Mictlan” and how their ruler forbids them into crossing border to the world of the living. We get surprises in this such as discovering that not all creatures are driven by their need to eat humans. Though at first it didn’t do much of the characters’ introduction, with the second issue, it shows each of the characters’ different personalities while in their own bedroom.


My Opinion:

The hype that I feel after reading the first issue of Border Town is going stronger as I finished the 2nd issue. Still, the art style done by Villalobos and the color by Bonvillain is so “eye-gasmic” that it will just keep you reading for more. I like how the story introduces the folklore side of this book. Some familiar entities such as duendes, La Llorona, etc makes it more interesting as it tackles Mexican folktales that we only hear from our abuelas growing up. I realize that this is more of character-driven than it is action based. One thing I wish is that the story won’t focus so much on being politically charged book.

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Ending the issue with the characters being chased by monsters, meeting an unfamiliar face, and having only 22 pages, good cliffhangers make me want to crave for more.
  • Art Style
  • Color
  • Lettering
  • Dwelling on delicate Political issues such as illegal immigrants
Art - 9
Color - 9
Character Development - 8
Plot - 8

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