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Top 10 Jean Grey Moments

Top 10 Jean Grey Moments Ok, so with Jean Grey alive and set to return to X-Men, I thought it was time to look at my top ten moments in the life and times of the first lady. 10. Uncanny X-Men #242 Whe...

Diamond Comic Distributors 2017 Best Sellers

DC Doomsday Clock #2 hits top comic sales, marking this the second month in a row for Diamond Comic rankings for December 2017. Diamond says that 2017 was the 4th highest sell-in year on record by the...

The Top 5 Selling Comics of 2017

2017 was an interesting year for comics. With events ranging from a Captain America who allied himself with Hydra to the Watchmen universe infecting DCs mainline continuity, it’s easy to see how the s...

Cyclops: The Rise and Fall of the First X-Man

Headmaster After the cataclysm of Xorn’s attack on New York, with a fake Magneto leading to Jean Grey and Esme’s death, along with many normal humans, Xavier decided to shut down Xavier...

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