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Please, Don’t Do Drugs (Ice Cream Man #2 Review)

Ice Cream Man #2: Karen’s Wild Ride Written by: W. Maxwell Prince Art by: Martin Morazzo Colors by: Chris O’Halloran   Good or evil, left or right, chocolate or vanilla; every choice has a ...

Welcome to Gideon Falls! Ready to die? (Gideon Falls #1 Comic Review)

1.01 “the speed of pain” Writer: Jeff Lemire Art: Andrea Sorrentino Colors by: Dave Stewart Lettering by: Steve Wands Cover Art: Andrea Sorentino Variant Cover Art: Jeff Lemire and JOCK What You Need ...

6.2 Fair

Reunited and it Feels so Good!(Saga #49 Review)

Saga #49 Artist/Letterer: Fiona Staples Writer: Brian K Vaughan What you missed: The planet of Landfall and it’s moon Wreath are locked in a never ending war, but because the destruction of one ...

9.5 Amazing

The Demon Was in You the Whole Time!(Kill of be Killed #16 Review)

Kill or be Killed #16 Story: Ed Brubaker Art: Sean Phillips Cover Art: Elizabeth Breitweiser What You Missed: Dylan is stuck in a mental institution after the return of the Demon drove him to beat the...

9 Amazing
Kick-ass cover no title

Night Stalkers Don’t Quit (Kick-Ass #1 Comic Review)

Kick-Ass #1 Review Written by: Mark Millar Penciled by: John Romita, Jr. Digital inks & Colors by: Peter Steigerwald Lettered by: John Workman Covers and Title pages: John Romita, Jr., Olivier Coi...

7 Good

If you know you’re insane, are you still insane?(Kill or be Killed #15 Review)

Kill or be Killed #15 Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Elizabeth Breitweiser What you missed:  After a showdown with the Russian mob Dylan discovered the “imaginary” demon  in his head he thought...

9 Amazing

Two Scoops of Crazy (Ice Cream Man #1 Comic Review)

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince Pencils: Martin Morazzo Colors: Chris O’Halloran Letters: Good Old Neon Cover: Martin Morazzon & Chris O’Halloran (Cover B: Frazer Irving) Every great once in...

9.5 Amazing

Diamond Comic Distributors 2017 Best Sellers

DC Doomsday Clock #2 hits top comic sales, marking this the second month in a row for Diamond Comic rankings for December 2017. Diamond says that 2017 was the 4th highest sell-in year on record by the...

Freeing the Demon (Kill or be Killed #14 Comic Review)

Kill or be Killed #14 Writer: Ed Brubaker Art: Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser Cover: Sean Phillips Previously on Kill or be Killed: We’ve finally come full circle, back to the opening s...

10 Perfect
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