Trade Paperbacks/Graphic Novels

Please, Don’t Do Drugs (Ice Cream Man #2 Comic Review)

Ice Cream Man #2: Karen’s Wild Ride Written by: W. Maxwell Prince Art by: Martin Morazzo Colors by: Chris O’Halloran   Good or evil, left or right, chocolate or vanilla; every choice has a ...

The Doctor Gets Weird (Doctor Strange Vol 1 Trade Paperback Review)

Written by: Jason Aaron Art by: Chris Bachalo (Issue #1-5) Penciller (cover): Chris Bachalo (Issue #1-3) Kevil Nowlan (Issue #4 & 5) Variant Covers: Issue #1 – Scottie Young (Young Variant) ...

9.2 Amazing

Gwenom VS Shield (Spider Gwen #26 Comic Review)

Spider-Gwen #26 Writer: Jason Latour Interior and Cover Artist: Robbi Rodriguez   What You Need to Know: After attempting to get revenge for her father’s attack, Gwen was forced to make a choice:...

8 Great

The Coming of the Firebug

Writer, Johnnie Christmas (Angel Catbird, SHELTERED), and superstar artist, Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur) team up to release a trade paperback collection of FIREBUG, th...

Power Ranger Year One – Across The Pond Trade Review – Episode One

The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are back! Check out this epic Year One volume, collecting issues 0 to 12, plus extras! Boom Studios are rocking this universe and it is wicked.

Mercy Needs a Break (Mercy Sparx Volume 3 Trade Paperback Review)

Mercy Sparx Volume 3   Created and written by: Josh Blaylock Illustrated by: Matt Merhoff, David Newbold, Hoyt Silva, Jenn Hickman, and Dan Leister Colors by: Greg and Fake Letters by: Crank! And...

9 Amazing

Where are you going, Kate? (Batwoman Vol 1 Trade Paperback Review)

Batwoman Vol. 1 Written By: James Tynion IV, Marguerite Bennett Art By: Stephanie Hynes, Steve Epting Independent, stubborn, lone wolf.  Kate Kane is a strong female lead who never allows a standard t...

8 Great

Of Secrets, Angels, and Demon Rituals (Mercy Sparx Vol 2 Trade Paperback Review)

Mercy Sparx Volume 2   Written by: Josh Blaylock Illustrated by: Matt Merhoff Colors by: Greg and Fake   Story so Far: Mercy Sparx is still stuck receiving orders on which angel to take down. Onl...

8.5 Great

The Devil made me do it (Tales of Mr Rhee Vol. 1 Trade Paperback Review)

Tales of Mr Rhee Vol. 1   Written and Created By: Dirk Manning Illustrated By: Joshua Ross Colored By: Austin McKinley (Chapters 1-6) and Sean Burres (Chapters 7-13) Lettered By: Jim Reddington C...

9 Amazing
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