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Missing 05? (X-men Blue #23 Comic Review)

X-men Blue 23 (Cry Havok Part 1) Written by Cullen Bunn Art by Jacopo Camagni Lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna What you need to know: With the Original X-men off world, Bloodstorm and Jimmy Hudson are l...

8 Great

Dinner with Supergramps (Action Comics #999 Comic Review)

Written by Dan Jurgens Art by Will Conrad Colors by Ivan Nunes Cover by Kaare Andrews                   Previously: While deep undercover, Sam Lane was cap...

7.5 Good

A NEW GOD! (Mister Miracle #7 Comic Review)

Mister Miracle #7 Writer: Tom King Pencils, Inks, Colors, and Variant Cover: Mitch Gerads Letterer: Clayton Cowles Cover: Nick Derington Mister Miracle and Big Barda are in huge trouble and they might...

10 Perfect

Anyone Fancy a Rescue? (X-Men Blue #22 Review)

X-Men Blue #22: Poison-X Part 4 Written by: Cullen Bunn Art by: Jacopo Camagni Lettered by: Joe Caramagna What You Need to Know: The X-Men and Venom captured Haze Mancer for him to only be freed by an...

7 Good

Welcome to Gideon Falls! Ready to die? (Gideon Falls #1 Comic Review)

1.01 “the speed of pain” Writer: Jeff Lemire Art: Andrea Sorrentino Colors by: Dave Stewart Lettering by: Steve Wands Cover Art: Andrea Sorentino Variant Cover Art: Jeff Lemire and JOCK What You Need ...

6.2 Fair

League VS League! Whom Should Live?! (Justice League #40 Comic Review)

Justice League: Justice Lost Part 2 Selection Writer: Christopher Priest Art: Pete Woods Cover Art: David Yardin Variant Cover Art: JG Jones What You Need to Know: The Justice League has a new Leader,...

7.6 Good

Welcome to the X-Men, Trinary

Writer Tom Taylor Artist Mahmud Asrar Cover Artist Travis Charest What You Need to Know Jean Grey and the X-Men are on the run after she was framed. On international television someone made it look li...

9 Amazing

Beast Boy’s Soul Search (Teen Titans #16 Comic Review)

Teen Titans #16 Writer: Benjamin Percy Pencils: Scott Eaten Cover: Dan Mora What You Need to Know: The Titans Tower was demolished several issues back and the Teen Titans are still picking up the piec...

8.5 Great

“BAT! IS HE DEAD?” (Batman #42 Comic Review)

Batman #42 “EVERYONE LOVES IVY” Part Two! Script: Tom King Art and Cover: Mikel Janin Color: June Chung Letters: Clayton Cowles The entire world is in love with Poison Ivy, her influence has taken the...

8.5 Great

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