DC Kicks off New Gang of Superheroes in Gotham City Garage this August

Spawned from the popular collector series, DC is launching a new title on August 16th  for digital users ( and later in October for those fans who prefer printed copies) that will involve two things: ...

Marvel Announces Titles that will Conclude the Secret Empire Mega Arc

On Friday Marvel announced the title of the issue that will bring Secret Empire to a titular end, marking the culmination of 2017’s major crossover event: Secret Empire Omega Issue 1 will hit the shel...

Marvel Announces that Members of The Defenders will be added its to its Legacy Series and Attempts to Straighten out Years of Strange Issue Numbering

Thursday Marvel announced that members of The Defenders would be joining the Marvel Legacy titles. Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will be included this fall when Marvel attempts what DC Rebirth has manag...

Weekly Comic Pull List 4-12-17

Hey folks its your pal Carlos! Here is the weekly pull list for the week of April 12th! DC COMICS Action Comics #977 Batgirl and The Birds of Prey #9 Detective Comics #954 Flash #20 Hal Jordan And the...

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