Take Back the Knight – Episode 103: Give Us the Gays

Nick and Leani dive into the issues of queerbaiting and queercoding, sharing examples that get them riled up.

To Court Death – Chapter 1 [Audio Drama]

To Court Death When a grim reaper goes to collect the soul of a young woman, he finds his touch healing her instead of harming. Confused as to why, he tries to learn what makes her special, but when a...

Take Back the Knight – Episode 102: Reboot

We’re excited to introduce Take Back the Knight, the newest podcast to join Shoot the Breeze Comics! Nick and Leani are back after several months, with exciting changes. We’re now part of ...

*NEWS FLASH* Shoot the Breeze Media joins forces with Take Back the Knight Podcast!

Shoot The Breeze Media, and their website Shoot The Breeze Comics, have recently acquired the podcast Take Back The Knight and audio drama To Court Death in partnership with their hosts Nick Campan an...

C2E2 Marvel Updates with Podcasts galore!

In true C2E2 fashion, Marvel New Media announced several upcoming projects that will be definitely be something to look forward to beyond just comic books and movies. Earth’s Mightiest Show will...

Across the Pond Trade Review Episode #2 Batman and Shadow: The Murder of Geniuses

Across the pond trade review episode #2 and on this outing Paul Smerdon gets to review the brilliant team up of the Shadow and Batman in the Murder of Geniuses.

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