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Wherefore Art Though, Pado Swakatoon? (Plastic Man #2 Comic Review)

Writer: Gail Simone Artists: Adriana Melo Cover Artist: Bilquis Evely & Matt Lopes Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick Letters: Simon Bowland Blurb Previously in Plastic Man, former-crook turned crimefighte...

10 Perfect

Turn and Face the Strange, Ch-Ch-Ch-Champions (Champions #22 Comic Review)

Writer: Jim Zub Artists: Kevin Libranda Cover Artist: R.B. Silva & Nolan Woodard Colors: Marcio Menyz Letters: Clayton Cowles Blurb Coming off the events of Infinity Countdown: Champions, change i...

9.8 Amazing

Intergalactic Warfare (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #48 Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #48 Comic Review Last Charge Part one Writer: Robert Venditti Artist: Rafa Sandoval Inkers: Jordi Tarragona Colorist: Tomev Morey Letterer: Dave Sharpe Cover: Do...

10 Perfect

*NEWS FLASH* Milestone Media To Relaunch This October

  Responding on Independence Day via Twitter to one of his followers, veteran comic artist Kyle Baker explained last week that Milestone could make its triumphant return this October. Baker’s twe...

Never Listen to Sexy Alana (Saga Vol. 2), Trade Paperback Review

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Illustrator: Fiona Staples Lettering and Design: Fonografiks Coordinator: Eric Stephenson So this reviewing thing? Totally a learning curve. Sort of like parenting. Sort of. T...

7.6 Good

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (Doctor Strange #3 Comic Review)

“Sorcerer Supreme of the Galaxy” Part Three Written by: Mark Waid Art by: Jesús Saiz He is Earth’s greatest hero and first line of defense in the fight against magical threats. As the Sorc...

8.1 Great

Hydra got you down? This should help (Captain America #1 Comic Review)

Writer – Ta-Nehisi Coates Artist – Leinil Francis Yu Inker – Gerry Alanguilan Color Artist – Sunny Cho Letterer – VC’s Joe Caramagna Cover – Alex Ross What...

9.3 Amazing

We plan, and the Gods Laugh (Astonishing X-Men #13 Comic Review)

Astonishing X-Men #13; Until Our Hearts Stop (Part 1) Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Penciler: Greg Land Inker: Jay Leisten Color Artist: Frank D’armata Letterer: Clayton Cowles Cover Artists: Greg L...

9.5 Amazing

A New Coat of Paint (Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 Comic Review)

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1-  “Self-Made Man” Part 1 Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Valerio Schiti Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano A New Man Fresh out of his comatose state after the events of Civil...

8.5 Great

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