Black Lightning Episode 8 Review – Revelations (Lightning is About to Strike…Again)

We return to find Jefferson training Anisssa…Not just honing her fighting skills but her reaction and judgment skills…Making sure she pays attention to her surroundings enough to not overreact. At the...

The Book Of Thunder (Black Lightning Ep. 6 TV Review)

We return this week with our hero still on the ground outside of the club in pain while the police department suits up to take Black Lightning down. His powers are short circuiting him and collapses a...

9 Amazing

And Then the Devil Brought the Plague (Black Lightning Ep. 5 TV Review)

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird…It’s a plane….It’s Jefferson discovering he can fly!!! Using his powers and suit upgrades, we see Black Lightning cruising the skies like Tony Stark when he first test...

8.5 Great

Snitches Get Lightning (Black Lightning Episode Ep. 4 TV Review)

This episode was riddled with questions of power and the discussion of what makes a hero. Just when you thought the city of Freeland had enough to deal with, a new drug called Green Light hits the str...

9.5 Amazing

The Book of Burial (Black Lightning Episode 3 TV Review)

This week’s episode deals with the community taking their power back, permissions, learning who has the real power, athlete’s foot, and a gift The episode opens with the Pierce family and others atten...

9 Amazing

Lightning Has Struck! Black Lightning That Is… (Black Lightning Ep. 2 TV Review)

2018 is will go down as the year of comic black excellence! With the premier of the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Black Panther, The CW took a chance on another well-known but at the same tim...

9 Amazing

Superheroes and Nazis (CW’s Crisis On Earth-X TV Review)

Buckle up boys and girls. We got a double review. If you haven’t seen this year’s crossover Crisis on Earth-X, there’s something wrong with you. But you can get better. We can help y...

9 Amazing

One Batch, Two Batch, Penny & Dime (The Punisher Season 1 Review)

Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series has given us a good handful of characters, from Daredevil himself, to Elektra. It has also helped bring other shows to life such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, an...

8 Great

YES! THE DINOSAUR DOESN’T LOOK HORRIBLE! (Runaways Episodes 1-3 Review)

YES! THE DINOSAUR DOESN’T LOOK HORRIBLE! The Runaways have been a cult classic in the backround of Marvel Comics for almost 15 years. A group of young kids who are thrusted into the unknown as t...

8 Great
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