Weekly Comic Pull List

Recruiting Trip (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #45 Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #45: “Darkstars Rising” Part Four Written by: Robert Venditti Art by: Ethan Van Sciver Colors by: Jason Wright Letters by: Dave Sharpe Cover by: Doug...

9.3 Amazing

The Amazonian Princess vs The Girl of Steel (Wonder Woman #47 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman #47: “The Dark Gods” Part Two Written by: Jason Robinson Artist by: Stephen Segovia Cover by: Ema Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, and Romulo Fajardo Jr. Variant Cover by: Jenny Fris...

8.8 Great

“Gone, but Not Forgotten” (Superman Special #1: Escape from Dinosaur Island! Comic Review)

Superman Special #1 Written by: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mark Russell, Ian Flynn. Art by: Scott Godlewski, Bryan Hitch, Kaare Andrews Cover by: Jorge Jimenez   “Back, back, back it up” (...

9.5 Amazing

“Seriously, @#$% Noble Sacrifices” (All-New Wolverine #35 Comic Review)

All-New Wolverine #35-Old Man Laura Part 3 Writer: Tom Taylor Art: Ramon Rosanas Cover: David Lopez Color:Nolan Woodard Letters: Cory Petit Variant: Elizabeth Torque   Synopsis: This is the concl...

7.9 Good

Letting Go of the Past (Green Lanterns #47 Comic Review)

Green Lanterns #47: Ghosts of the Past Finale Written by: Tim Seely Art by: V. Ken Marion Ink by: Sandu Florea Colors by: Dinei Ribiero Letters by: Dave Sharpe Cover by: Stjepan Sejic Variant cover by...

7.7 Good

Finale (Rogue and Gambit #5 Comic Book Review)

Rogue and Gambit #5: Ring of Fire Part 5 Written by: Kelly Thompson Art by: Pere Perez Cover by: Kris Anka Colors by: Frank D’armata Letters by: Joe Caramagna The stakes in Paraíso couldn’t be h...

8 Great

Donning the Cape: Action Comics Special #1 Comic Review

Action Comics Special #1: Lex Luthor’s Dark Secret Revealed Written by: Dan Jurgens, Mark Russell, Max Landis. Art by: Will Conrad, Jill Thompson, Francis Manapul. Cover by: Will Conrad     ...

8 Great

Where the Garden Grows, Nothing is Fixed (Astonishing X-Men #11 Comic Review)

Astonishing X-Men #11: A Man Called X Part 5 Written by: Charles Soule Art by: Ron Garney Cover by: Greg Land and Frank D’Armata Color by: Matt Milla Letters by: Clayton Cowles Proteus defeated the X-...

8.4 Great

DC Nation #0 (Comic Book Review)

Written by: Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson Art by: Clay Mann, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jorge Jimenez, Cover by: Jorge Jimenez Variant Covers by: Jo...

8.5 Great

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