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Being a Leader, means sometimes you cannot be friends with your team (Go Go Power Rangers Issue #5 A Comic Review)

Go Go Power Rangers Issue #5 Written By Ryan Parrott Coloured By Raul Angulo Illustratrated By Dan Mora Lettered by Ed Dukeshire What you need to know: Rita has Matt trapped on the moon and has placed...

7.3 Good

The Heart is the Master Compass (Misfit City Issue #8 Comic Review)

Misfit City Issue #8 Written by Kristen Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten Colored By Brittany Peer Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz Lettered by Jim Campbell What you need to know: Last issue, we saw Black M...

9 Amazing

Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim (WWE Vol. 1 Trade Paperback Review)

WWE Vol. 1   Written By: Dennis Hopeless Artwork By: Dan Mora (Prologue), Serg Scuna (Issues 1-4) Colors By: Doug Garbark Cover By: Dan Mora What You Missed The Shield has been shattered. Seth Ro...

9.6 Amazing

Wanna Start a Band? (Heavy Vinyl #4 Comic Review)

Heavy Vinyl #4 Created and Written by: Carly Usdin Pencils by: Nina Vakueva Inks by: Irene Flores Colors by: Rebecca Nalty, with Kieran Quigley and Walter Baiamonte Letters by: Jim Campbell Cover by: ...

8.3 Great

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