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Bloody Murder (Hellblazer #16 Comic Review)

Written by: Richard Kadrey Pencils by: Davide Fabbri Colors by: Davide Fabbri   What You Need to Know: This is the beginning of a new arc, but it is somewhat imperative you’ve read most of this r...

7 Good

Justice League #34 Comic Review The PEOPLE VS JUSTICE LEAGUE…Part 1

Story: Christopher Priest Art and Cover: Pete Woods What You Need to Know: The events of Metal have ended for the Justice League. But hey, it’s the Justice League. There is no such thing as peace and ...

7.8 Good

They Said the Age of Heroes Would Never Come Again

It’s said that our universe is always expanding, getting bigger, forever changing, etc. DC Comics newest announcement has proven that to be even truer as The New Age of DC Heroes is almost here. Some ...

Let’s talk this out… (Deathstroke 26 Review)

Written by Christopher Priest Pencils by Diogenes Neves Inks by Jason Paz Colors by Jeromy Cox Cover by Ryan Sook   Previously: Deathstroke was captured by the Secret Society and put on trial whi...

7.8 Good

Apokolips: Under New Management (Superman 36 Review)

Superman #36   Written by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Pencils by Doug Mahnke Inks by Jaime Mendoza Colors by Wil Quintana Cover by Patrick Gleason and Dean White Previously: Lex Luthor, Su...

7.3 Good

The Super Pets Shine in this Adorable Annual (Super Sons Annual 1 Review)

Supersons Annual #1   Written by Peter Tomasi Pencils by Paul Pelletier Inks by Cam Smith Colors by Hi-Fi Cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez Previously: This story is a self-contained o...

10 Perfect

“He even dreamed about being Batman at times, he told me.” (Batman: Creature of the Night #1 Comic review)

Batman: Creature of the Night #1 Writer: Kurt Busiek Art/Cover: John Paul Leon Every child who loves Batman will always want to be Batman, drive the Batmobile, have all the coolest gadgets, and be the...

10 Perfect

Walls of Thorns and Walls of Fish…NO HE DOESNT LOOK LIKE MOMOA! (Aquaman #25 Comic Review)

Aquaman #25   Extra-Sized Anniversary Issue!   Written By: Dan Abnett Art, Colors, and cover by: Stjepan Sejic A new age has begun for the city of Atlantis, one without Arthur Curry. With ou...

8.6 Great

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