Bailie Scheer

My name is Bailie Scheer I am the Editor in Chief for Shoot The Breeze Comics and am currently going to be reviewing Faith published Valiant Entertainment with hopes of spreading out and working on other pieces eventually. I have a background in writing, and I am currently working on receiving my Communications Degree. I started my own blog about two years ago called A Time For Change, and that’s really where I finally started branching out in my writing. My favorite Mainstream Super Hero is definitely DeadPool. I love his Humor, but I also love the fact of why he originally became an “antihero” of sorts. I’m honestly not totally sure who my favorite Villain would be if I were going to be honest.

I really didn’t get into Geek Culture fully until my freshmen year of college and even then I wasn’t reading comics or anything like that. I didn’t really begin reading comics until just recently and I really became hooked when I started reading Faith. I love her back ground and what she stands for. She is the only Super Hero that I can say I connect with more than any other, and when I am reviewing her comics I think you will understand. Well, with that being said I am so excited to begin this journey with you all!