Carlos Melendez

Greetings or Hello or just rawrXD

Salutations to all my name is Carlos. Im the Editor in Chief of News here at Shoot The Breeze Comics. Im also taking a shot and reviewing some amazing titles such as Moon Knight, Nova, Thanos, and Infamous Iron Man.

I’ve been reading comics since I was able to walk. That’s because my grandfather was a huge nerd and I had crates full of back issues which I grew up reading the likes of Spiderman, Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Batman, Justice, League, Flash, GL, and etc. It’s a shame he died before I got to meet him he seemed like a very laid back individual who I could relate to. My mom ended up inheriting all of his comics and now over 20 crates of comics from all companies and decades lie downstairs collecting dust in my basement. Some valuable and most not, one day I’ll sit down and go through all of them but not today. No today I’m here to talk to you about me you and a bit more of me. So now that we’ve gotten that out the way let’s talk about me a bit more. I’ve been known to be a procrastinator in school, hell in life. Hell, even writing this took me forever to think of how to write the perfect essay until I thought fuck it never mind it doesn’t really matter let me just jot something down and of course this assignment would be considered last minute and probably late. But whatever that doesn’t matter here we are trying to create a steady and comfortable free flowing environment where you can be you and talk what you want to talk without judgment nor persecution we talk comics and all of our love for them. At news, here whoever I’m working with I say don’t ever stress it or sweat it too hard or too hard because while we are pseudo professional and pseudo corporation and company around these parts here. I’m not necessarily your boss and I definitely won’t fire you as long as your funny think of me more like your partner in this operation. Just remember we are not above you guys you’re all important and add something that we could not. We honest to god (and I’m not even religious) need you guys so while remember to take this kinda seriously (just a little) just remember that we’re just fans like you guys. Remember to have fun that’s what’s honestly most important my heroes. Now Excelsior to you all and let’s get started.