James Portis

What’s up folks? I’m James Portis. Director of Operations here at Shoot The Breeze Comics. I am the overseer of all that is Shoot The Breeze and I am in charge of everything media from podcasts, liveshows, and social media. In addition I also write for our reviews department. For DC I am reviewing Titans, Aquaman, Suicide Squad and Deathstroke. For Marvel I am reviewing X-men Gold begining at its launch in April, Black Panther, and Spider-man.  And for Valiant Comics I am reviewing books from Valiant Comics starting in March I will be reviewing the new Run of X-O Manowar. 

I’ve been reading comics since I was a little kid. Been obsessed with everything about them the stories, the art, the characters, it fuels me with a passion that very few things did as a kid. My first ever comic series was the  Geoff Johns run of Teen Titans which made that my favorite DC superhero team. Training kids to be the next generation of heroes was an idea I always found intriguing.

I have a favorite superhero from DC and Marvel . Aquaman is my favorite DC hero because his powers are amazing. As a kid I always loved water and I always dreamed of escaping the life I lived to go away to Atlantis to be the next Aqualad after Garth. It made me the happiest kid in the world when Jackson Hyde was created because it made me feel like Aquaman could have a black sidekick. I’m a hardcore Batman fan as well knowing pretty much everything about him more than most but that’s just cuz there was more about him available growing up.
My favorite Marvel superhero used to be the thing because he was an outsider who was always there for others. But in recently my favorite superhero from marvel has become Roberto Da’Costa aka Sunspot but now going as Citizen V. One of the original New Mutants he has been an underrated influential character as of late but has always been a favorite of mine. Even with contracting M-Pox from the inhumans, he has gone to great lengths even risking his own health to protect the earth even tho half the earth hates him for being a mutant. He still fights the good fight.

I’m so glad my friends and I are able to open this platform to share our love of comic books with you and I hope we’re able to be the best reviewers you use for your reading choices!