Zane Troup

My name is Zane Troup and I am a part of Panel to Panel, as well as Breeze or Bust. I’ve been into everything comics-related for the overwhelming majority of my life. I started out with reading Marvel Comics as a kid and then went into the DC comics shortly thereafter, but I’ve kind of taken a bit of a step back on the comics as a whole for a while. However, I’ve kept up with most of what has happened in comics since my “hiatus” and have substituted my comic reading habits with watching the numerous comic-related TV shows and movies and with playing the video games based on comic properties (the Batman Arkham series being my favorite of those). My favorite superheroes are Spider-Man and Batman and my favorite villains are The Joker and Two-Face. I hope you enjoy the website and all the efforts that our team has put into it to make it the best it can possibly be.