Michael Tyler

Hello, Michael Tyler here. I’m not new to comics, but I am new here. I am the nostalgia guy, currently I will be reviewing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Boom! Comics, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from IDW. Grew up watching both shows in all of their incarnations (even playing with all the action figures) so I am well versed in my mutant ooze and morphin time!

I got into comics at a young age, even drew and wrote my own as well (or tried too). I would staple them together and even try to sell them for 10 cents a piece! I was drawn to Superman from DC comics, and Spiderman from Marvel (especially Spiderman 2099) loved the way his suit looked in that series! Superman is awesome (just wish they could make a movie to do him Justice…League). As far as comic book villians go, Doctor Doom is by far my favorite, who doesn’t like an annoying charater who talks in 3rd person? Michael Tyler often does too…

I look forward to sharing many adventures with you, thanks to everyone here that makes this possible for me!