Chris Sims

New Game Plus (Swordquest #5 Comic Review)

Swordquest #5 Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims Art and Colors by Ghostwriter X Color Flats by Ellie Wright Letters by Josh Krach Covers by Goni Montes, Johnathan Law, and Ken Haeser Previously on...

9 Amazing

Secret Wizard Past (Swordquest #4 Comic Review)

Swordquest #4 Written by: Chad Bowers and Chris Sims Art and Colors by: Ghostwriter X Color Flats by: Ellie Wright Letters by: Josh Krach Cover A by: Goni Montes Cover B by: George Perez and Ivan Nune...

9 Amazing

The Power of a Hunch (Sword Quest #3 Comic Review)

Sword Quest #3 Written by: Chad Bowers and Chris Sims Art by: Ghostwriter X Colors by: Chris O’Halloran Published by: Dynamite Comics Previously on Swordquest: Peter Case has 6 months to live, and has...

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