Danny Rand

Sabretooth Round 2 Part 3 (Iron Fist #75 Comic Review)

Iron Fist #75 Written by Ed Brisson Art by Mike Perkins Previously on Iron Fist: Danny Rand has returned home after a grueling tournament against the masters of Liu-Shi, an island of K’un-Lun de...

7.3 Good

Immortal Iron Fists Joins the Ranks of the New Marvel and Amazon Digital-Only Platform Deal

To reach readers and aspiring fans in this new digital age, comic book publisher Marvel is partnering with Amazon’s popular Comixology and Kindle apps, to offer this audience exclusive material only a...

Marvel Announces that Members of The Defenders will be added its to its Legacy Series and Attempts to Straighten out Years of Strange Issue Numbering

Thursday Marvel announced that members of The Defenders would be joining the Marvel Legacy titles. Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will be included this fall when Marvel attempts what DC Rebirth has manag...

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