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The Fan (Justice League #37 Comic Review)

Writer: Christopher Priest Art/Cover: Pete Woods Variant Cover: J.G. Jones What You Need to Know: So, on top of the videos of the League letting a terrorist get away with murder, faith in the Justice ...

7.9 Good

Bugs and Such (Justice League #35 Comic Review)

SWARM: The PEOPLE vs. JUSTICE LEAGUE…Part 2 Writer: Christopher Priest Art and Cover: Pete Woods Variant Cover: Nick Bradshaw with Alex Sinclair What You Need to Know: The Justice League had a lot hap...

8 Great

A Cold Day in Hell (The Flash #36 Comic Review)

The Flash #36 Written By: Joshua Williamson Pencils By: Carmine Di Giandomenico Colors By: Karl Kerschl What You Need to Know: First and foremost boys and girls, I say it is good to be back. Months ag...

8.8 Great

The Red Queen’s Truth (Batgirl #17 Comic Review)

Written by: Hope Larson Pencils: Chris Wildgoose Inked by: Jose Marzan Jr. and Deron Bennett Cover art: Dan Mora (Variant Cover: Joshua Middleton) Story so Far: The Red Queen is after Ainsley, and Bar...

7 Good

Hey Pops, Want to Be Young Again? (Blue Beetle Rebirth #15 Comic Review)

Blue Beetle Rebirth #15: The Road to Nowhere Part 2 Written by Christopher Sebela Art by Scott Kolins and Tom Derenick Cover by Tony Silas Published by DC Comics What You Need to Know: Jaime Reyes, th...

7.6 Good

Romanticized Pasts and Bloody Presents (Wonder Woman Conan #3 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman Conan (Comic Review Issue #3) Written by: Gail Simone Penciled by: Aaron Lopresti Cover art: Darick Robertson and Tony Avina (Variant cover art: Aaron Lopresti) Story so Far: Conan and th...

7.9 Good

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