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“Every kid is inspired by him.” “Everyone wants to be him.” (Batman #36 Comic Review)

Batman #36: Super Friends Part 1! Script: Tom King Pencils/Cover: Clay Mann Inks: Clay Mann and Seth Mann Cover/Interior Cover: Jordie Bellaire Letters: Clayton Cowles Throughout the years Batman and ...

7.5 Good

Apokolips: Under New Management (Superman 36 Review)

Superman #36   Written by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Pencils by Doug Mahnke Inks by Jaime Mendoza Colors by Wil Quintana Cover by Patrick Gleason and Dean White Previously: Lex Luthor, Su...

7.3 Good

“Emotional Damages” (Batman: White Knight #3 Comic Review)

Batman: White Knight #3 Script, Art, Covers: Sean Murphy Colors and Cover Colors: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: Todd Klein Batman, Batgirl, and Nightwing face off with every supervillain in Gotham City....

9 Amazing

“The two orphans lost. Who see the weak in one another.” (Batman Annual #2 Comic Review)

Batman Annual #2 “Some of these days” Writer: Tom King Artists: Lee Weeks (pages 1-30), Michael Lark (pages 31-38) Colorists: Elizabeth Breitweiser (pages1-30), June Chung (pages 31-38) Cover: Lee Wee...

9 Amazing

The Super Pets Shine in this Adorable Annual (Super Sons Annual 1 Review)

Supersons Annual #1   Written by Peter Tomasi Pencils by Paul Pelletier Inks by Cam Smith Colors by Hi-Fi Cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez Previously: This story is a self-contained o...

10 Perfect

“He even dreamed about being Batman at times, he told me.” (Batman: Creature of the Night #1 Comic review)

Batman: Creature of the Night #1 Writer: Kurt Busiek Art/Cover: John Paul Leon Every child who loves Batman will always want to be Batman, drive the Batmobile, have all the coolest gadgets, and be the...

10 Perfect

The Bold and the Brave (Justice League of America Annual #1 Comic Review)

Justice League of America Annual #1 Writer: Steve Orlando Artist: Kelley Jones Colors: Michelle Madsen Letters: Josh Reed Cover: Jones and Madsen   This time: If there’s anything a bounty hunter ...

8 Great

Why’d They Rip-Off Raiden From Mortal Kombat? (The Flash #35 Comic Review)

The Flash #35 Writers: Joshua Williamson and Michael Moreci Colors: Ivan Plascencia Art: Pop Mhan Letters: Steve Wands Cover: Neil Googe and Ivan Plascencia Last time on The Flash: After a reunion wit...

8 Great

Malpractice (Justice League of America #19 Review)

Justice League of America #19 Written by: Steve Orlando Artist: Hugo Petrus Colors: Hi-Fi Letters: Clayton Cowles Cover: Carlos D’Anda Previously on JLA: Prometheus infiltrated the JLA’s headquarter t...

9 Amazing

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