Donna Troy

Catastrophic Global Devastation Courtesy of a Brain in a Jar and a Monkey (Titans #22 Comic Review)

Titans #22: Titans Apart Part 3 Written by: Dan Abnett Pencils by: Paul Pelletier What You Need to Know: In the last issue, we found out that the drug bliss is actually a means for The Brain from the ...

8.5 Great

Lies, Secrets, and Poisoned Pizza (Titans #14 Comic Review)

Titans #14 Written by Dan Abnett Panels and Cover Art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse The trust between the members of the Titans is crumbling, causing them to lash out at one another...

The Titans Attempt to take on H.I.V.E. and end up Being Beaten by Their Own Inner Demons Instead (Titans #13 Comic Review)

Titans #13 Comic Review Written by Dan Abnett Art by W. Ken Marion and Norm Rapmund Colors by Andrew Dalhouse Cover by Kenneth Rocafort   The Titans have headed to Alton Laboratories in search of...

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