Geoff Johns

A Glowing Tribute, A Piece of Art, A Moment in History (Action Comics 1000 Review)

Previously: In the 1930s, two young men from Cleveland, Ohio named Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster came up with a new type of character, a science fiction hero with bright colors and a broad chin known ...

9.1 Amazing

What comes after midnight for Watchmen and the DCU? (Doomsday Clock #1 Comic Review)

Doomsday Clock #1   Written by Geoff Johns Art by Gary Frank Colors by Brad Anderson Cover by Frank and Anderson      SPOILER WARNING: Usually our reviews are relatively spoiler free, allowing yo...

9 Amazing

DOOMSDAY CLOCK: Geoff Johns releases images and details for biggest DC Event in over 30 years.

It’s been a little over a year since DC Universe Rebirth #1 came out and audiences were shocked when they saw Batman holding the pin from Watchmen. Since then, DC fans have been waiting for the inevit...

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