Jupiter Jet

Jason Inman Talks About Jupiter Jet!

Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson, the husband and wife duo behind the podcast, Geek History Lesson, have teamed up for this new spark of joy, Jupiter Jet. Just who is Jupiter Jet? She’s ...

Jupiter Jet Blasts Off! (Jupiter Jet #1 ADVANCED Comic Review)

Jupiter Jet #1 Comic Review Words by: Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson Art by: Ben Matsuya Colors by: Mara Jayne Carpenter Letters by: Taylor Esposito Summary: Jaqueline “Jacky” Johnson has a ...

7.5 Good

Pack Your Bags, Here Comes Jupiter Jet!

Husband and Wife duo and hosts of the Geek History Lesson podcast Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson team up to write Jupiter Jet, a heart-warming coming of age superhero. Jaqueline “Jacky” John...

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