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The Boys are Back in Town (Iron Fist #76 Comic Review)

Iron Fist #76 Written by: Ed Brisson Art by: Mike Perkins He is Danny Rand, protector of the innocent and defender of K’un-Lun. With his incredible fighting prowess and chi-fueled skills, none c...

7.3 Good

Marvel reveals fifth member of Exiles to be…Tessa Thompson?

After last week’s announcement of the returning Exiles title, Marvel Comics has followed up with them revealing who the hidden fifth member of the new team was set to be. A team of multiverse Ma...

A Smashing Good Time (Incredible Hulk #711 Comic Review)

Written by Greg Pak Art by Greg Land After taking on the mantle from Bruce Banner, Amadeus Cho is both the smartest and strongest one there is when he transforms into The Incredible Hulk! The Story So...

7.5 Good

Time To Get Back To Clobberin (Marvel Two In One #1 Comic Review)

  Written By: Chip Zdarsky Pencilled By: Jim Cheung Inked By: John Dell & Walden Wong Coloured By: Frank Martin Lettered By: VC’s Joe Caramagna SPOILER WARNING: Usually our reviews are relati...

9.3 Amazing

Bees. My god. (Monsters Unleashed #9 Comic Review)

Monsters Unleashed #9 Written by: Justin Jordan Art by: Francesco Gastón With the help of creature expert, Elsa Bloodstone, and the crack professionalism of Damage Control, Kei Kawade and his team of ...

7.5 Good

Sabretooth Round 2 Part 3 (Iron Fist #75 Comic Review)

Iron Fist #75 Written by Ed Brisson Art by Mike Perkins Previously on Iron Fist: Danny Rand has returned home after a grueling tournament against the masters of Liu-Shi, an island of K’un-Lun de...

7.3 Good

Venom Virus (Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha #1 Comic Review)

The Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha #1 Writers: Dan Slott & Mike Costa. Artist: Ryan Stegman. Color Artist: Brian Reber. What you should know: Writers Dan Slott and Mike Costa joined together...

6.8 Fair

Field of Blood (Spirits of Vengeance #3 Comic Review)

Spirits of Vengeance #3 Written by: Victor Gischler Pencils by: David Baldeon Colors by: Andres Mossa What You Need to Know: Being given the set up in the last issue we are finally given some context ...

8 Great

The Truth Hurts…Unless You Have Moon Crescents, Those Hurt Worse (Moon Knight #189 Comic Review)

Moon Knight #189   Written By: Max Bemis Pencils By: Jacen Burrows Colors By: Matt Lopes What You Need to Know: It’s a direct follow up to the last issue, but this time we actually follow t...

7 Good
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