Matthew Rosenberg

I was the War (Phoenix Resurrection #2 Comic Review)

Phoenix Resurrection #2 Written by Matthew Rosenberg Coloured by Rachelle Rosenberg Inked by Rafael Fonteriz Art by Carlos Pacheco Lettered by VC’s Travis Lanham What you need to know: Previously on X...

8 Great

Annie is that you? (Phoenix Resurrection Issue #1 A Comic Review)

Phoenix Resurrection Issue 1 Written by: Matthew Rosenberg Art by: Leinil Francis Yu Lettered by: VC’s Travis Lanham   What you need to know: Jean Grey died many years ago at the hands of a Magne...

8.3 Great

LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND! Oh, except you… (Secret Warriors #4 Comic Review)

SECRET WARRIORS #4   Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Artist: Javier Garrón Color Artist: Israel Silva Previously: The team ran into the X-Men (literally… looking at you, Guido) who were less than delig...

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