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Donning the Cape: Action Comics Special #1 Comic Review

Action Comics Special #1: Lex Luthor’s Dark Secret Revealed Written by: Dan Jurgens, Mark Russell, Max Landis. Art by: Will Conrad, Jill Thompson, Francis Manapul. Cover by: Will Conrad     ...

8 Great

The Breeze Is Down #2: The Kids Are Not Alright

For the past 2 years, there’s been a lot of returns to familiarity. Superman’s red trunks, Wally West coming back from the great beyond, and the Watchmen being brought into the spotlight o...

Super Seven: the Origin! (Justice League New-52 vol. 1, Trade Paperback Review)

Justice League Vol. 1 Author:  Geoff Johns Penciler:  Jim Lee Inkers:  Scott Williams (with Sandra Hope, Batt, and Mark Irwin) Colorist:  Alex Sinclair (with Gabe Eltaeb and Tony Avina) After Flashpoi...

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