If You Can Trust Yourself When All Men Doubt [Robots Versus Princesses #1 Comic Review]

Robots Versus Princesses #1 Written By: Todd Matthy Illustrated By: Nicholas Chapuis Lettered By: Shawn Reinhart Cover By: Nicholas Chapuis     I am so excited to review this first issue for...

How an Idea Becomes Real (Saga Vol. 1)

How an Idea Becomes Real (Saga Vol. 1) Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artist: Fiona Staples Lettering & Design: Fonografiks Coordinator: Eric Stephenson I started my comic book journey young. I, like mo...

9.3 Amazing

Who would choose death when Glory is so much better? (Death or Glory #1 Comic Review)

“Who would choose death when Glory is so much better?” Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Cover: Bengal Variant Cover: Duncan Fegredo, James Harren Let me just start off by mentioning that I am...

8.6 Great

And I Hold Within My Hand Grains of the Golden Sand [Harley Quinn #44 Comic Review]

Harley Quinn #44: “One Of My Turns” Part 2                   Art by: Mirka Andolfo Cover by: John Timms Variant cover by: Frank Cho Written by:...

6.5 Fair

Pleasantly Unexpected (The Unexpected #1 Comic Review)

Writer – Steve Orlando Artist – Ryan Sook & Cary Nord   With every Wednesday comes another haul of your long-time favorite comics being released that have been on your pull list f...

7.5 Good

It’s all in the Family! (Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows Volume 1 Trade Paperback Review)

  Writer – Gerry Conway Artist – Ryan Stegman (1-4) & Nathan Stockman (5) What Happens – The first volume of The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows brings the whole Parker c...

8.5 Great
Oliver Queen

“Life Sentence” (Arrow S6E23 TV Review)

CAST: Stephen Amell: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow David Ramsey: John Diggle/Spartan Emily Bett Rickards: Felicity Smoak     LAST WE SAW ARROW: Seeing that Oliver was set free by the courts, Diaz...

7.8 Good

Lucifer S3E23 “Quintessential Deckerstar” (TV Review)

    Last We Saw Lucifer: Chloe was taking some time off to plan her wedding to Pierce and enjoy her bachelorette party. While Maize tries to keep it civil and make sure nothing goes wrong, C...

8.5 Great

What Is Wrong With Us Eddie? (Venom 2018 issue #1 review)

By Xavier Mendoza Venom (2018) #1 Written By: Donny Cates Art By: Ryan Stegman Colors By: Frank Martin Inks By: J.P. Mayer Letters By: Clayton Cowles Venom is the fan favorite Spider-Man villain-turne...

9.3 Amazing

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