The Head of My Inner Demons (Batman: Prelude To The Wedding #1 Review)

Batman Prelude to the Wedding #1 Part 1 “Robin vs. Ra’s al Ghul” Written by: Tim Seeley Pencils by: Brad Walker Ink by: Andrew Hennessy and Mick Grey Colors by: Jodie Bellaire Covers...

9 Amazing

Beyond Expectations (Batman Beyond #19 Comic Review)

Batman Beyond #19: The Long Payback Finale Writer: Dan Jurgens Art by: Phil Hester and Ande Parks Cover: Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo What You Need to Know: As things were getting worse for the Ba...

8.5 Great

Uncle Nightwing Is Babysitting (Nightwing Comic #43)

Nightwing #43   Writer: Michael Moreci Artist: Minkyu Jung Covers: Jorge Jimenez,Alejandro Sanchez, and Yasmine Putri   We all know how easy it is for work to take you away from the outside ...

7 Good

There’s Always A Water Level… (Super Sons #15 Comic Review)

Written by Peter Tomasi Pencils by Carlo Barberi Inks by Art Thibert Colors by Protobunker Cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez Previously: Reggie Meyer survived the Amazo Virus but was given ...

9 Amazing

Christopher Priests admits it’s the fans choice

As the cosplayers and fans cover the con floor today at C2E2, Christopher Priest, famed writer of Black Panther as well the current arc of DC and their current lead writer of Deathstroke, as well as a...

British bros and Paternity Woes (Deathstroke #30 Comic Review)

Deathstroke #30 Written By: Christopher Priest Penciled By: Carlos Pagulayan Inked By: Jason Paz Colored By: Jeromy Cox Lettered By: Willie Schubert   Slade Wilson is Deathstroke the Terminator. ...

8.8 Great

Dragon’s Duel! (Nightwing #42 Comic Review)

Nightwing #42: The Crimson Kabuki Written by: Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing Art by: Jorge Corona Cover by: Jorge Jimenez What You Missed: Nightwing is trying to bounce back after finally defeating ...

3.3 Bad

Beast Boy’s Out of Control (Teen Titans #18 Comic Review)

Teen Titans #18 Writer: Benjamin Percy Penciller: Scott Eaton Cover Artist: Dan Mora What You Need to Know In the last issue, Garfield was seduced into inhaling a mind control device and giving himsel...

8.5 Great

My Mom Can Beat Up Your Mom! (Super Sons 14 Comic Review)

Written by: Peter Tomasi Pencils by: Carlo Barberi Inks by: Art Thibert Colors by: Dono San/Protobunker Cover by: Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez               &...

8.5 Great
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