Ryan North

Heralding of Heroines #1: Squirrel Girl

Welcome to the first Heralding of Heroines! This will be an ongoing project where I showcase different ongoing heroines, and maybe even some not currently on-screen in comics, and talk about their add...

Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl Team Up for MARVEL RISING!

Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America, Inferno, and Patriot team up for a brand-new tale featuring the new generation of Marvel super heroes! MARVEL RISING promises a thrilling new comic book mini event b...

Galactus Eats Squirrels?! Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II #27 Review

Writer: Ryan North Art: Erica Henderson Color and Trading Card Art: Rico Renzi Cover Art: Erica Henderson (Variant Covers: Michael and Laura Allred, John Tyler Christopher, Veronica Fish;) Mike McKone...

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