Across the Pond Trade Review Episode #2 Batman and Shadow: The Murder of Geniuses

Across the pond trade review episode #2 and on this outing Paul Smerdon gets to review the brilliant team up of the Shadow and Batman in the Murder of Geniuses.

Always Cursed Shadow/Batman #3 (Comic Review)

The Shadow Batman Issue #3 Written by Steve Orlando Art by Giovanni Coloured by Flavio Dispenza Lettered by Taylor Esposito               What you need to know: Bruc...

7 Good

How Dare You Wear His Skin? (The Shadow #3 Comic Review)

The Shadow #3   Written by Si Spurrier & Dan Walters Art by Daniel HDR Colored By Natalie Marques Lettered by Simon Bowlands   What you need to know: Last issue we saw a glimpse of the S...

9 Amazing