Shattered Grid

Shattered Grid Prelude Go Go Power Rangers Issue 8

Across The Pond Episode 3 is here covering the Shattered Grid Event I look at the prelude issue Go Go Power Rangers ahead of the 2018 Boom Studios Event of the year.  

Prelude (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 Comic Review)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #24 Written By Kyle Higgins Coloured By Joana Lafuente Illustratrated By Jonas Scharf Lettered by Ed Dukeshire What you need to know: Rita’s back, Finster escaped an...

8 Great

Power Rangers across Time and Space assemble for “Shattered Grid”!

Recently Boom! Studios and Saban Brands gave us our first look at Power Rangers: Shattered Grid. The first comic book event in the franchises 25 year history. Beginning in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...

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